How to Win Arguments on the Internet

Below is an exhaustive list on how to win every Internet argument you come in contact with:

Step 1: Pick anyone to argue with about anything.

Step 2: Point out that this person you’ve likely never met knows nothing about whatever you decided to talk about.

Step 3: Insert some reason on why your opinion is more important than everyone else’s.

Step 4: Use sarcasm to illustrate your point.

Step 5: Review to ensure that all previous statements were passive aggressive. Revise as necessary.

Step 6: Always respond to everything, even if people weren’t talking to you, but NEVER respond to the actual question you were asked.

Step 7: MOST IMPORTANT: Critically attack the character and ethics of this person you’ve never met.

Step 8: Vote in political elections.

Step 9: Repeat steps 1-9.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Archon's Den says:

    It’s obvious that a lot of people have taken your advice. 😯

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