Quit Being A Victim

Complaining is so much easier than hustling to create new circumstances. I’d rather complain about Trump or other politicians than face the reality of my own financial situation. I’d rather complain about my boss and coworkers than actually discover why my career isn’t advancing in the way that I think it should. I’d rather complain about a blog I read of someone pretending they understand my situation and minimizing my struggle than get up and doing something to change my circumstances. *hint* *hint*
You know who can’t help themselves? Children. Too many categorize themselves into this box of people who are unable to the help themselves instead of doing something to change it. Whether or not you are where you are is your fault, complaining about it will not make it better. Where you are headed is completely your responsibility. If you’re struggling with the same three things you were struggling with last year I’m gonna bet its not your circumstances that are holding you back, it’s you.
We’re really good at taking a situation, stretching it to the extreme, and then blaming everything else negative in our life on that situation.
I’m sorry your boss is racist,
I’m sorry your baby daddy left you,
I’m sorry you grew up dirt poor with a father who never told you he loved you,
I’m sorry your politician of choice wasn’t elected…
Seriously. There are some legitimate things out there that no one should have to deal with, but continuing to whine about the world being against you isn’t going to change that situation. Yeah, it sucks. Feel free to grieve. Exercise your ability to process emotions and take some time to heal, but don’t use this moment as an excuse for why your life will never be where you want to be…or it will become exactly that. Toughen up, buttercup. Quit being a victim.

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