Three Kinds of Friends Everyone Should Have

Life is truly a journey, and sometimes that journey is tough. One of the most effective ways to make your journey better is to wisely pick the people you share it with. Below are three kinds of friends that everyone should have.

1.  Friends who are ahead of you

We should all have friends who are ahead of us in life. Not just ahead of us in age but ahead of us in who we want to be. If your goal is to be a successful athlete, everyone knows the best way to get better is to practice with people who are better than you. The same principle applies in virtually all elements of life. If you are an entrepreneur, you should be friends with people who are successful entrepreneurs. If you want to be successfully married or raise a healthy family you should be friends with people who have already done it. These people have already paved the way and offer a lot of insight on what you should and shouldn’t be doing.

2. Friends who are next to you

While it is extremely beneficial to be learning from the wisdom and guidance of those who have come before you, it is also important to have friends on a similar journey next to you to share the beauty with. These are our most common friendships and are the easiest to maintain. They help validate your experiences and emotions while also giving you the opportunity to offer the same encouragement back to them.

3. Friends who are behind you

The most beautiful thing in life isn’t what you’ve accomplished but what you left behind. By choosing those friends who are a couple of years behind you this gives you the opportunity to become part of something bigger than yourself. Just as you’ve learned from those in front of you and those next to you, now you get to pour out your wisdom to have an impact on those behind you.

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