The Introvert Translator

Introverts are a different breed from their extrovert counterparts. Sometimes we are a little too nice to tell you what we really mean so let me translate for you:

“I’m tired.” translation

“I have spent way too much time with you today and I need an excuse to go home, lock my door, and be alone.”

“I don’t mean to be a party pooper but I can’t make it tonight.” translation…

“I’m tired of people and am completely fine with being a party pooper. I am staying home so that I don’t cause you physical bodily harm. You’re welcome.”

“Oh, I didn’t see you.” translation…

“I saw you and intentionally avoided you because our conversations never get past the small talk and it drives me nuts.”

“I had to catch up with some things around the house.” translation…

“I saw nobody today which was the highlight of my week, and it was a day well spent.”

“I’m not mad.” translation…

“I’m not mad, you are just starting to get annoying because we have been together for too long.”

“Sorry I missed your call, my phone was on silent/in the other room.” translation…

“Yes, I screened your call and I did not want to talk to you. Don’t take offense, I don’t want to talk to anyone.”

“I’m busy this weekend.” translation…

“I am busy this weekend being alone, by myself, with no one else around, alone…and no I don’t get lonely.”

“I love it when you stay the night!” translation…

“I hate when you stay the night! Having people stay the night means I am constantly ‘on the clock,’ and it’s exhausting.”

*Pastor says greet your neighbor* “Hi, how are you? So nice to meet you.” translation…

*Awkwardly looks around trying not to make eye contact until an extrovert approaches you and forces you to engage* “I’m literally only doing this because he told me to.”

“I’m going to be a little late to the party.” translation…

“I’m showing up late because I didn’t want to come and probably will be leaving early because I won’t want to stay.”

“Yes, sometimes I get quiet.” translation…

“I don’t open my mouth unless I have something to say.”

“Sorry I didn’t respond to your text.” translation…

“I read it and didn’t want to talk to you at the moment so I didn’t respond. Then, when I was recharged and ready to talk again…I forgot that you texted me. Plus, you may have been trying to ask me to some sort of commitment involving human interaction…and that was just not happening today!”

“Yes, I know my headphones aren’t playing any music right now.” translation…

“I have headphones in my ears to give off the illusion that I’m listening to something so you don’t talk to me…yet you still did. Weird.”

“I’m not mad, depressed, sad, tired or any other negative emotion.” translation…

“I just need a little alone time.”

I hope you find this resource valuable.

Obviously, this isn’t true for every situation or every single person, but the thoughts/reactions/emotions do undoubtedly reflect some of the experiences that introverts have on an ongoing basis…with a little dry humor added in for flavor. Like and share if you agree!

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