I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist

planet ice

You were here on accident. You exist by mere chance, or at least that is what I am told. To those who adhere to the scientific creation of the universe and say that there is no God as a result, here is a recap of science class (or at least what we know today since it is always changing):

In the beginning there was nothing. Absolutely nothing. Empty. Nothing. Then from nothing, BANG! Something. And this something, who some people call “singularity,” holds everything in it. So, from nothing, located next to nowhere, we get something, which is literally everything. Are you still with me? This “something” begins to get very very hot (10 billion degrees Farenheit) and then explodes into all of the matter that makes up everything we have ever known for the last 14 billion years. That’s hotttt…literally.

Fast-forward 10 billion years and the Earth started to form out of gas and dust. Luckily for us, throughout the creation of this planet we call Earth, we, through very complicated processes and perfect conditions, acquired plate tectonics, volcanoes, a moon, a perfect solar system, and a magnetic field, all of which are the perfect distance from the perfect star (the Sun) which provides the perfect temperature to the perfect planet making it perfectly habitable for life. If we are absent even one of these elements none of this happens. That’s perfect!


If the Earth were just a little farther away from the Sun, it would be a freezing desert. If the Earth were just a little closer to the Sun it would be a fiery furnace…but its not. Oh, and thank goodness for that magnetic field that was randomly generated in this perfect scenario, otherwise the very thing that gives us the element for life, the Sun, would destroy us with its’ solar radiation. And of course, we can’t forget the plate tectonics, which are constantly moving around “sucking” in rocks, which are then melted and later released through volcanoes, thus releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It just so happens that carbon dioxide is “inhaled” by plants in photosynthesis to produce oxygen, which is essential for creating what we know now as human life. The carbon dioxide helps create the atmosphere which is essential for maintaining habitable temperatures year-round. Have I lost you yet?

Plate tectonics, volcanoes, the Sun, the magnetic field, all created essentially on accident, by mere chance. Out of the 200 billions stars in the Milky Way, want to know how many of them have the same conditions as Earth. Zero…that we know of, of course. Oh, and despite the luck of all of that, lets not forget the most essential part for life, liquid water, and lots of it. Water, one of the only liquids that floats when it’s frozen (which is a crucial element to it creating and maintaining life),  makes up 70% of the Earth’s surface.

And to think, all of this came from that little piece of nothing out in nowhere. Even amidst all of this, the Earth didn’t have enough material to create life by itself, but thank God (literally) for meteors that would come crashing into the Earth bringing loads of organic materials with them. Organic, that’s healthy. But not the large meteorites, you know, the ones that are big enough to destroy the Earth completely. Nope, none of those hit us because they were pulled off course by another massive planet in our solar system called Jupiter. If we didn’t have Jupiter’s gravitational force, the Earth would have likely been destroyed a long time ago.


After all of this, I’m told out on a piece of clay in the middle of the ocean where hot water meets cold water, we start seeing signs of life. These cells eventually adapt into fish, which eventually adapt into land creatures, which eventually adapt into dinosaurs. Then, a large asteroid (but not too large) comes and boom, they all die. However, millions of years later we would use their remains as fossil fuels to power our cars and cook bacon. Mmmmm…life is good.

But, it’s not over yet. After virtually everything is dead, the continents are split-up- Earth restarts in a way that is reproducing something completely different. Gradually through evolution and adaptation we get monkeys, and from monkeys come scientists and philosophers who write long books telling me that I am intellectually dishonest for believing in God. Their reasoning? Well, you just read it. And that’s why we are here…because all of that happened on accident. You want me to believe that? I guess I just don’t have enough faith to be an atheist.

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  1. Reblogged this on Clawson's Bloggity and commented:
    I hardly ever REBLOG, but I sure did like this perspective.

  2. Motioned says:

    Ha ha ha… I’m an atheist and really like the way you put it. You almost converted me…
    Guess there’s really someone looking out for us the last 13 billion years, ooops meant 4-10 thousand years… never mind the occasional/accidental tsunami, earthquake or volcano that have wiped out whole villages.

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