Homos In Heaven: A Letter To My Gay Friends


So you want to know if it is okay for you to be gay? You want to know if God made you that way? You want to know if your homosexuality will keep you from heaven?

As you probably have already had hammered down your throat, a lot of Christians don’t think you will go to Heaven. They argue that because homosexuality is a “lifestyle,” you are committing yourself to a lifestyle of sin. Yes, of course we are all sinners, but the idea is that because you are choosing to be gay, therefore you are choosing to sin. Not only are you choosing to sin, but you are teaching others to sin too. Oh, and you are probably not repentant of being gay either because, to you, there is nothing to be repentant for.

What does the Bible actually say about homosexuality? Well, it says a couple of things.  As you’ve probably heard a thousand times, God prohibits homosexuality in the Old Testament.  If you can’t find it, it is right around where He says we can’t eat bacon and are allowed to murder our children when they don’t behave. *awkward* What about the New Testament? Well, it says that those who are homosexuals will not inherit the Kingdom of God. Yes, it does say that.

Don’t you know that people who do wrong will not receive God’s kingdom? Don’t be fooled. Those who commit sexual sins will not receive the kingdom. Neither will those who worship statues of gods or commit adultery. Neither will men who sleep with other men.” 1 Corinthians 6:9


Homosexuals are excluded from Heaven just like the adulterers and the idolaters. That is straight from the Bible, so if you believe the Bible to be true there you have it. Wait a second, didn’t Jesus say that if I look at a woman inappropriately then I have committed adultery? Isn’t anything that I put in front of God considered idolatry? Crap, it looks like under those terms I am stranded outside the pearly gates too. What about all of those “Christians” in the world who say “God is #1 in my life,” but spend more time watching football games or surfing the internet than with Him, myself included? You know, those people who proudly rep Him in a Facebook status or on Sunday morning but their life doesn’t reflect it Saturday night. Isn’t that idolatry? Looks like all of this time I thought I was better than you but it turns out, I’m not. It sounds like none of us are going to make it…unless there is something more.

But wait, I can hear all those religious people shouting now “Brett, you know what you do is a sin and are repentant of it. Gay people don’t think homosexuality is sin nor are they repentant of it.” That’s true and it scares me. Not because you’re not repentant, but because it raises the question “am I only saved from sin that I am repentant of?” What of the sin that I am ignorant of? Am I going to Hell for things that I don’t know I am doing wrong? No. When our life is over and judgement comes, our sin doesn’t determine our fate, our Savior does. We can look at the Bible and try to live the best, most sin free, performance-based life we can, but at the end of the day its not anything that we did that sends us to Heaven, it is everything that Jesus already did on the cross. After all, there is that moment in the Bible when Jesus talks about the many people who did great things for Jesus who will not inherit the Kingdom of God because they didn’t know Jesus (Matthew 7). It is almost as if Jesus is more interested in us getting to know Him than He is how we perform for Him. His grace can’t be earned, only freely given…that’s why it’s grace.


It seems Christian are only ever given two options, accept homosexuality with open arms or oppose them, and I will do neither. I’m not going to tell you I think you should be gay nor do I think that was God’s heart for you. I can’t change what the Bible says and I believe every word of it to be true. I think the Bible was pretty clear when it said stay away from homosexuality, adultery, and idolatry. However, I don’t think you are lesser, second class, a bigger sinner, or “not as Christian.” Honestly, I don’t know why you are put on a pedestal as a sinner and tossed out of churches while half of Christian America is living their entire lives worshipping idols and committing adultery in their heart. It’s as if we think we are better than you are.

To be honest, I don’t know why so many of my Christian brothers and sisters elevate your sexuality over everything else. I’ve decided it’s not my job to tell you what your sin is, it’s my job to tell you who your Savior is. I pray that one day Christianity as a whole will fight as passionately against poverty and sex trafficking as they do homosexuality. You’re probably offended. In fact, I hope you are. God’s grace is offensive to those who don’t think they need it.

On behalf of my brothers and sisters, I just want to apologize to you. We have let what the Bible says get in the way of what the Bible means, and the Bible means that we should love you just the same as we love everyone else. God is love and if you deny love in any way than you are denying God. I don’t know who is going to be in Heaven and who isn’t, but I do know that the only way we are getting there is through Jesus. So, instead of me trying to tell you what is right or wrong, how about we just pursue Jesus together and let Him straighten things out? After all, He knows much better than I do. Oh, and you can come to church with me anytime.

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  1. Hey Brett, I have a friend who’s a gay Christian. Over a year ago, he was on fire for God and wanting to live his best to glorify Him, but now he’s living a gay lifestyle and doesn’t want to associate with any of his buddies who are strong, mature, and wise Christians. My friends and I have been praying for him. And I was wondering if you would please do the same too.

  2. positivelypeppy says:

    ‘We have let what the Bible says get in the way of what the Bible means, and the Bible means that we should love you just the same as we love everyone else. God is love and if you deny love in any way than you are denying God.’ AMEN! Beautifully written. Well said. #truth

  3. Kelly says:

    We are not “all sinners” we all have sinned but we are not “all sinners” if you are a sinner then you are not a Christian. Please stop trying to coddle homosexuals in their vile sins.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The ABSOLUTE BEST ‘opinion’ I’ve seen! A beautifully articulation of what our response should be . . . if only. If ONLY the sin of homosexuality were not being legitimized and cheered as if it’s something to be PROUD of (Gay Pride)! Can you even imagine facebook blowing up in support of adultery?! “Go ADULTERERS!” Or the White House flying banners from the balcony in support of divorce?! (WHEN has the White House flown flags/banners/colors in support of any other sin?!) Or how about an annual parade for liars, cheaters, swindlers — bearing signs saying “LIAR PRIDE”?! When Brett says, “Honestly, I don’t know why you are put on a pedestal as a sinner”, MAYBE because unlike other sins, it’s being lifted up and heralded in a way that other sins are not?!

  5. Andy says:

    Great article! It brings some balance to the sea of voices that claim to speak for the Lord Jesus but are largely human religious opinions.
    I might add to your thoughts that there is a definite, scriptural place for rebuke and correction in every relationship that is in true agape love. This is a consistant theme in the entire Bible. The key is to understand that truth and the love of God are inextricable, one and the same thing. God IS love AND truth! One is never, ever to be preferred or cancelled out over the other. The two always work together in unison if the Spirit of God is the source.
    If one accepts this foundation, then one can have a right basis from which to operate. We are to speak the truth in love…one is inside of, the same essence as the other, not two opposites attempting to find balance. Truth is not the bad cop while love is good cop! Truth is not harsh and cold while love is soft and warm, yet this is often how we perceive and act it out.
    I realize that this understanding does not answer all specific questions about morality and behavior, but it does give essential insight into the underlying truth that enables us to begin answering the tough questions. As long as we see truth and love in a way that causes them to oppose or contradict one another, there will always, always be confusion and division. Its like a mathematical formula that must be correct in order to arrive at a correct answer.
    Sometimes the most loving thing one can do is to speak a “hard” truth yet do it in the “softest” manner possible. This is part of the essense of true grace! Grace loves passionately without compromise of absolute truth. If truth is compromised, then one is no longer walking in agape love but in mere human sentiment and sympathy.
    God’s love is always redemptive and constructive in nature. Human sentiment, while possibly well meaning, can be in reality enablling and destructive. God is the source and author of truth in love and we are utterly dependent upon His Spirit to supply it to us. All of our efforts apart from Him are flawed at best and destruction at worst.
    Let us be filled with His truth in love and seek to share only those two things, which are really one thing, with our fellow man. Blessings!

  6. Susie Huisinga says:

    A person named Kelly made this comment: “We have all sinned, but we are not ‘all sinners’. If you are a sinner, then you are not a Christian.” FALSE statement. We are ALL sinners, whether Christian or not. Christians are just ‘sinners saved by Grace’. As Christians, we should not make a habit of sinning. But once we do sin, we need to repent and ask God’s forgiveness………….just as a child goes to a parent as says “I’m sorry”. You know, there is a big range of sins. It is a sin to worry, it is a sin to be anxious, it is a sin to be angry. I have children and it is only natural that, at times, I worry and am anxious over them. Do you think that God is going to tell me, “You cannot enter My Kingdom because you were, at times, filled with anxiety and worry over your children”?? Of course not!! But, if I, as a Christian, committed a murder…………and had no remorse and did not ask for God’s forgiveness……….no, I don’t think that God would let me into Heaven without a repentant heart over such a crime as murder.

  7. Anonymous says:

    God is a loving and forgiving God But we must try to stay good. we can’t live in sin and think that because Jesus died on the cross for our sins that you are going to be okay. God doesn’t work that way. Yes he gives us every opportunity to say I’m sorry. One commandment is equal to all the others. why don’t we go out and steal. why don’t we go out and kill why don’t we go out and commit all the sins of the world its okay Jesus died on the cross for us we are all going to heaven because of him. Wake up people! Jesus died on the cross to open the gate of heaven so that we may enter into the kingdom of heaven we still have to repent for our sins and we still have to atone for them no one goes into heaven until their soul is clean and perfect. It would be nice to think that Jesus died for everyone but he didn’t he died for many and I’m sure its for those who know they are doing wrong and those that don’t want to hurt God. Not all those people who say they love God but don’t live by the ten commandments.

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  9. Anonymous says:

    I’m a Christian Conservative majoring in Film Productions- a very liberal field. Many of my fellow majors are gay, and the rest seem to have no problem with homosexuality. It does feel like there are only the two extremes: Accept it with open arms or hate them.

    I do believe that Christians practicing homosexuality can be saved. However, like living with any sin, I believe it can stifle the growth of their relationship with Christ. Not sever it, but not be as fruitful as when they’re striving to obey Christ.

    With other sexual sins- adultery, premarital sex, etc, it seems the church is willing to show grace, but they also don’t condone the acts. Homosexuality is one of the few sins that people not only overlook, but also applaud. Honestly, I have more of an issue with people who teach that Homosexuality isn’t a sin than gay people.

    I don’t think homosexuality is “more wrong” than other sins, but it’s a sin that I’m not allowed to think is wrong. I’m not allowed to go against it.

    On an off note, my homosexual atheist friends seem to respect my beliefs more than some of my straight Christian friends.

  10. tiabrown says:

    Thank you! I’m so glad there aren’t “worse sinners” as if they have to do extra penance besides believing in Jesus. Jesus is always enough!!

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