The Man in the Mirror


“F*cking Idiot”

“Chauvinistic a**hole”

“Sexist hypocrite”

“False Prophet”




“I would never attend your church”

“You deserve to be alone”

“God is disappointed in you”

“You are leading people astray”

“You’re not what I expected”

“God is ashamed of you”

 and my personal favorite…


These are literally quotes from a few of the conversations that I have had in the last nine months. Some of these are easy to laugh at and brush off, but some of them aren’t. I have found that a lot of people make irrational judgements based on the tiny pieces of information that they can see, and then use that information to determine what the truth must be. It’s a tragedy that in a broken world Christians spend so much time attacking their own people. But, even in light of that,

I have found that the harshest judgements and worst attacks I have ever made have been about the man I see in the mirror everyday.

Maybe you are like me and you are your own biggest critic. Everyday is a constant battle of what I did wrong vs. what I did right. But truthfully, it doesn’t matter how many great things were accomplished or how many people were helped, we are burdened by those always daunting moments of when we came up short…and it sucks.

To the people who call me “false prophet,” I sometimes wonder if I am. To the people who say they would never attend my church, sometimes I question whether or not I would either. To those who have shouted “you are leading people astray,” that very fear keeps me awake at night. And to those who are constantly disappointed because I don’t fit the mold of who they thought I was or should be, I’m sorry, I still struggle with finding who I am.

All that to say, when you are tearing me and the rest of those around you down just know that I do hear your words, and they often cause me to hate the man I see in the mirror.

Thankfully, my story doesn’t end there. Regardless of what is spoken over me, regardless of what people think about me, and regardless of the lies I believe about myself during times of despair, there is a truth about the nature of who I really am, and that truth applies to you too.

At the end of the day, after all the harsh words have been spoken and after we’ve received all the emotional beatings we can handle, there is a seed of truth that royalty runs through each of our veins. No matter who you are and no matter what has been said to you, allow me to tell you the truth so we can learn together.

You Are Royalty. The King of Kings, the Creator of everything we have ever known, the Father of all of creation calls you sons and daughters.

You Have A Purpose. From the beginning of time God knew the plans that He would set before you. While He doesn’t choose your steps for you, He does have a plan and a purpose for you to achieve on this world.

You Are Loved. Whether you feel like you are surrounded by people who love you or you feel lost in a world where no one cares, you have a Heavenly Father who would literally die to hold you in His arms…and the Good News is that there is nothing you can do that will ever change that.

I Am Forgiven. If you accept Him, you are forgiven…end of story. No hoops or hurdles, no prerequisites and credentials, just you and Jesus. Its the beauty of the Gospel. We aren’t forgiven by anything that we do, we are forgiven by what Jesus already did.

I Am Free. No more rules or regulations. No more you have to be this or look like that. You are set free from the law of sin and death. Don’t worry about trying to be perfect and don’t worry about trying not to mess up. Just focus on Him, the closer you are to Jesus, the farther you are from sin.

People like to tell me who they think I am, it is time to start telling them who I know I am. Join me!

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  1. shelljo02 says:

    Hey friend,

    I came across this post and just wanted to say that I really enjoyed it and related to it. As a woman in ministry I’m often beaten down by those who don’t feel as though I’m capable or educated enough to lead others. I went through a period of feeling as though I needed to seek out validation from others, but what a joy it was when I was reminded that the only validation I need is given to me by our Creator. There is so much truth and beauty in your words. I just wanted to say how greatly I appreciated your willingness and transparency in writing this. I’ll be praying for you as you continue on in your ministry. Peace and blessings.

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