10 People I Love Most

I love people.  I really do.  I love meeting new people and I love building relationships with the people that I already know.  However, as most of you will agree, some people are hard to love. Being honest, the original idea behind this post was going to be “People I Love the Least,” highlighting the kinds of people I find it most difficult to love.  But, I don’t really find that to be edifying for anybody.  So, instead I have decided to weed through my friends to highlight the different kinds of people I love the most.

1. The encourager – No matter the situation or what is going on, this person is encouraging you through every step of the way.  Although we don’t always want to hear it, they always have something positive to say and a solid perspective on the whole situation.  I love encouraging people.

2. The long-timer – We don’t even remember when we became friends because we’ve been friends for so long!  These are the people we don’t have to talk to everyday to know that we are still great friends!  They’ve been around forever.  They have seen both our best and worst and still love us regardless.  It’s loyalty like that that makes long-time friends.  I love long-lasting friendships.

3. The tough-lover – This is the person who spends about half of the time you’re together telling us things that we don’t want to hear.  We don’t want to hear them because they are absolutely right and we know it.  These people love us enough to tell us the truth, even if it makes us uncomfortable or upset.  I love people who love me enough to tell me the truth.

4. The hilarious one – Where did they even come from?  Everything thing about them is hilarious and they instantly bring a smile to our faces.  They have a humorous look on life and we love to be around them.  I love funny people.

5. The identical one – Twinsies?  That person who is just like you in another body.  If it’s a new friend I find myself asking the question “where have you been all of my life?”  They are just like us.  They know how we feel, they know what we are thinking, and we do the same for them.  I love people who are just like me and odds are, they feel the same way!

6. The older-brother/sister – This is that person who isn’t quite old enough to be considered our mother/father, but their role in our life is quite similar to a parent.  They are always looking out for us and working to do things for us.  They have our best interests in mind and are willing to sacrifices a little bit of their own lives to make ours a little bit better.

7. The dreamer – The one who has dreams larger than life.  The words “nothing is impossible” may be tattooed somewhere on their body and they live their life as if there is no doubt that statement is true.  They are always dreaming about changing the world and making things better.  They hear our hearts and they dream for us!  They give us ideas that are larger than our imaginations and they encourage us to run with it!  I love people who dream with me.

8. The one who will do anything for you – No matter what, no matter when, no matter how…they are willing to sacrifice for us.  These are the people we almost feel guilty asking for anything because we know they would break their back to make it happen.  I love these people’s servants heart!

9. The consistent one – The one who means what they say and say what they mean.  They do what they say they are going to do and be where they say they are going to be.  It is someone we can trust and someone we can count on.  I love people who are consistent.

10. The loyal one – They are standing by you no matter what.  Even if they don’t agree with what you said or how things happened, they will publicly take your defense to honor and protect you.  They don’t let anyone talk bad or down to you, and they swear by your greatness.  I love loyalty.

Which one  are you?

3 Comments Add yours

  1. jasminejirout says:

    Encourager 🙂 unfortunately i find myself doing it almost all the time, not even trying to, and more often than not i learn from it too..love when God speaks through you and to you at the same time..its humbling and uplifting 🙂

  2. laelephant says:

    Good job at turning a potentially negative post into an uplifting positive one (I try to do that in my own posts… but sometimes that doesn’t end up happening). Keep it up!

  3. Running Fox says:

    I am guessing I am none of the above; although I would disagree – are you not getting my messages, or are you ignoring me? Ignoring me because you think my character walks with a crutch – golly-gee-wiz it’s because I talk too much! I may not be your target audience, you may not think I am J.C.-full, an 80’s wild child – don’t want to get too close to my boo-boo’s and get hit with the horns of a bull 😉 By now you probably have figured out who this is, so give me a call; otherwise I just might bury you under my backyard retaining wall! It takes two to build a friendship, after all . . . Who knows, I might have pounds of bacon for you – I know – you’ll be making that call ;-p

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